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How does home monitoring work in Seattle?

December 19, 2022
Smartphone access to a home security system.

After much deliberation, you’ve made up your mind that a home security system is the best way to improve your property’s defense. You even appreciate the idea of a smart home to deliver extra convenience and energy conservation to your daily routine. But are you still debating the necessity of home monitoring?

Take a few minutes to see how home monitoring works in [[targelocation]] and why this additional layer of protection is indispensable to your security.

See how Seattle home monitoring works

If having round-the-clock access to dedicated security representatives seems to be a smart idea to you, you’re ready to think about home monitoring. Even though they are always just seconds away when you need them, that doesn’t mean they are exceedingly invasive. You won’t find them surveilling your house or reviewing your video clips. Rather, they spring to action the second an emergency strikes. Here’s how:

  • Anytime one of your smart devices is tripped -- whether it’s a camera or fire alarm -- your Vivint Smart Hub™ is signaled instantly.

  • Your command center then sends the warning automatically to your monitoring experts.

  • A smart home monitoring representative will then contact you to authenticate the alarm and inquire about your safety.

  • If the monitoring staff isn’t able to contact you, they will proceed to notify first responders.

  • Your team is there to guide you through the situation and will function as the primary contact with local responders in the event you are off site.

Always ready to act, home monitoring agents are tied to your house through your smart devices. This gives you more than simply peace of mind as you have actual, live experts to assist you through your emergency.


Protecting your house, even when you’re not there

Having a 24-hour backup on call in case of an emergency is nice when you’re home as you’ll have your hands full making certain loved ones are out of danger. It’s even more critical when an emergency occurs while you’re at work or traveling. Imagine your flood alarm going off or a glass break sensor triggering your alarm when you’re on vacation. What will happen when nobody is there to notice the alert of the high-volume siren? When you incorporate 24-hour monitoring, your home is always protected, regardless of your location.

Your Vivint Smart Hub is essential in Seattle home monitoring

You might consider your Vivint Smart Hub as the core of your home security system. All signals from components pass through this important, networked command center. Along with being your direct link to monitoring specialists, the smart hub offers these extra virtues:

  • Emergency button to instantly contact your Vivint home monitoring specialists
  • Bi-directional audio functionality letting you speak right to your monitoring team
  • You can request help with any type of concern, including medical matters

If you can’t locate your cell phone when a disaster occurs, you’ll still be able to talk with your monitoring staff straight through your central hub.

Request home monitoring with your fully connected Seattle security system

Turn to the specialists at Vivint and request a completely connected Seattle smart home with the round-the-clock monitoring, safety alarms, and entrypoint sensors you should have. We understand the significance of monitoring which is why it is included with our available packages. If you would like to enhance your home’s protection, call (206) 590-6257 or fill out the form on this page to start.